You will need:

Boneless Chicken breasts (one breast makes 2 Busters)
Your favorite Bacon
Cheese for stuffing; Aged Gouda was my choice for this recipe but a
      Sharp Aged Cheddar will work well and may be easier to find.
Honey Garlic Bourbon Seasoning (Chef of the Future Brand)
Cooking Spray
Wooden toothpicks (soaked for 30 minutes in hot water to help prevent them from burning)


Slice the chicken breast to halve the thickness, so you end up with 2 pieces to stuff. 
I like to pound the chicken pieces to get a larger piece to stuff, cooks a little faster while staying moist and it’s easier to fill with the cheese and wrap.

Shred the cheese and place about a tablespoon or even a bit more depending on the size of the breasts.  There is no rule, and you cannot overdo cheese.  Just make sure that the chicken covers the cheese.

Fold or roll up the chicken to encapsulate the cheese. Use two slices of bacon to wrap the chicken.  The first slice wrap in one direction, then the next slice wrap at 90° to totally encase the chicken.  Secure with a toothpick or two.

Liberally apply the Honey Garlic Bourbon seasoning to cover all the bacon, and then spray with the cooking spray.  This will help to prevent the chicken from sticking to the grill grates and set the seasoning.

Grill the Busters until the center is 165° internal, and the bacon is cooked, offset (not directly over the coals)  or if using a gas grill on a lower setting with the grill cover on, turning occasionally to cook evenly.

Bacon Belly Busters-Chef of the Future-Your Source for Quality Seasoning Rubs

Bacon Belly Busters

Bacon Belly Busters-Chef of the Future-your source for Quality Seasoning Rubs
Chef of the Future Logo® -Chef of the Future-Your Source for Quality Seasoning Rubs

You all probably know by now that bacon is the official duct tape for food.  Plenty of us wrap lots of different foods in bacon and they are all good. 

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Bacon Belly Busters-Chef of the Future-Your Source for Quality Seasoning Rubs

This recipe is perfect for a yummy dinner and it makes for great tailgating.