Chef of the Future

   Brand Seasonings

Chef of the Future Brand Seasonings

Animal Rescue Fundraising Program

We provide everything you need for you to promote with email blasts, on your website and on Social Media. 

Each of the 5-Packs are Professionally Shrink wrapped and Custom labeled with a picture of your rescues and your logo.

We will custom tailor our video with your Logo and Pictures.

Requirements:  All organizations  must be involved  in Animal Rescue and/or rehabilitation.

All Organizations must  be 501(c)(3) and must provide proper documentation.

Animal Shelters  Must be "No-Kill"

We include a set of recipe cards with each order.

Every order is shipped priority mail, so your supporters will receive their order within 2-3 days anywhere within the United States.

Offering our products as a 5-pack bundle, a $34.95 purchase, not only gives your supporters something they can use all year long for BBQ's of General Cooking, but also gift to friends and family. More importantly, 30% of the proceeds ($10.50) of each sale is donated to your cause. Best of all there are no contracts, no minimums and no costs to your organization.

We also have a flyer for your organization for emails and your website that defines what the rescues get and what your supporters will receive.

Fundraising for your Organization is an absolute necessity.  Online fundraising to your supporters can be made simpler, with the right products and a company that provides you with the proper tools to guarantee success. 

We will create a customized link for your supporters to place an order. You do not need to have an e-commerce website.  Every month we send you a report of all your supporters that made a purchase and send your organization a check.