I am sure most of you have had Smoked Turkey Breast.  You could have had it from a delicatessen, from a sandwich shop or even from a Subway.  It is probably the easiest protein to smoke next to chicken and easier than ribs, a brisket or a pork butt.  Our Honey Garlic Bourbon Seasoning makes it even better!

Honey Garlic Bourbon Smoked Turkey Breast

Honey Garlic Bourbon Smoked Turkey Breast-Chef of the Future-Your Source for Quality Seasoning Rubs
Smoked Turkey Breast Plated-Chef of the Future-Your Source for Quality Seasoning Rubs

You will need:

A smoker
A whole Turkey Breast
Honey Garlic Bourbon Seasoning Glaze (Chef of the Future Brand)

Cajun Injector Roasted Garlic and Herb Injectable Marinade

Marinade Syringe
Smoking Wood (I use a blend of 2/3 Hickory, 1/3 Mesquite)
Cooking spray
Aluminum Foil
A dual probe thermometer, one probe place directly under the Turkey for 
  accurate smoker ambient temperature and one placed into the thickest part of
  the turkey breast.  This is not mandatory, but I do recommend it as most built 
  in thermometers can be off by as much as 50°


Prepare some foil packs with about a large handful of chips, or chunks of the above wood blend or you can use your favorite smoking wood.  Double wrap the smoking wood with two layers of foil.  Do not poke holes in the foil.

The reason for the foil is that you can get a longer smoke time than if the wood is just in a chip/chunk tray, and the foil prevents the wood from catching fire, which can keep the smoker from maintaining a steady temperature.  Four foil packs will be required. You do not need to soak the wood.

Fill the water pan of the smoker with hot water.  This will help keep the smoker temperature at a more constant temperature and not rob heat from the smoker to heat the water. I use boiling water.

Optimum temperature for the smoker is 250°.

Rinse the turkey breast, pat it dry and loosen the skin, but do not remove.  Liberally apply the seasoning to the entire breast, making sure you get the seasoning under the skin.

Use the cooking spray over the entire breast to help keep the seasoning in place and help prevent the breast from adhering to the grates.

Place the breast in the smoker with the first foil pack and maintain the smoker at 250°
Add one foil pack every hour for the first 4 hours.  Then continue cooking until the temperature of the breast reaches 165° (internal). 

Depending on the size of the breast, total cooking time will vary, but it can take as long as 6 hours to reach the safe temperature.

When the breast is done, remove and wrap in foil.  Let the Breast rest for about a half hour.  Slice and serve with a nice side dish, such as stuffing, and/or a vegetable or even a
Grilled Avocado.

Slice up leftovers for sandwiches or cut up into chunks for Smoked Turkey Salad.


Chef Robert Simon

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   Chef of the Future