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Hot Stone User Manual

Thank you for purchasing our Hot Stone Place setting.  Our version is a modern design on an age old cooking process.    Cooking on Hot Stones over an open fire has been used for thousands of years.  It is the precursor to modern frying pans and griddles.

Hot Stone cooking at your table brings more fun and excitement to your meals.
They will keep your food hot throughout the meal as well as excite your senses.
The Stones can stay hot for up to an hour, depending on the temperature and water content of the food that is placed on them.
Hear the Sizzle!  Witness the Sounds and Aromas that can only come from your meal cooking right in front of you.
Hot Stones can also be placed in a freezer for serving Cold Desserts and help prevent them from melting during consumption.



This is a cooking device; we will not be held liable for misuse or abuse of the product, accidental or otherwise.
As with all cooking devices, certain safeguards must be followed.
Do Not Touch the hot stone while in use.
Do not attempt to cool the hot stone by immersing in water or by any other means.
Do not place in a dishwasher.  Hand Wash Only.  Do not soak in water.  If the stone is saturated with water prior to using, it can fracture during heating or freezing. The Stone can easily withstand scrubbing.

Do not use the Stones if fracturing has occurred.

Do not place the stones for heating in a preheated oven, grill or stove top. Allow them to come up to temperature gradually. A conventional Microwave Oven will not work, and possibly cause damage to the microwave oven.

Hot Stones are only for placing on a table or solid surface.  Do not hold in your hands or place on your lap for informal meals.

When delivering the place setting to the table, use two hands and hold by the edges of the board.

Place the board on a table or surface that can withstand heat.  If unsure, a place-mat under the Hot Stone Place setting can help prevent any damage to the table or surface. 

Our Hot Stones are natural volcanic granite.  They can withstand temperatures higher than can be reached with home and commercial cooking appliances.  However, thermal shock can cause these stones to fracture, if not used according to the instructions within this guide.

Used as directed, these stones will last a lifetime.

Directions for use:

Our Hot Stone Place Setting has two areas to be used for an exceptional meal.

One side of the bamboo platter has a metal plate to place the Hot or Cold Stone. The other side, normally placed on the left for the side dish, is grooved to accept the accompanying dish to prevent sliding or movement.

Place the stone in a cold oven, grill, or toaster oven, set the temperature for 450°F and turn on the heat.  Preheat the Stones for an hour or longer so they are ready when the food is placed on them for serving. The heat or cold applied must be able to penetrate to the center of the stone.

When the food is ready to be served, using sturdy Metal tongs, spatula or gloves/mitts rated to withstand temperatures in excess of 450°F

Practice placing and removing the stone from the heating device and placing in its holder prior to using.

Place the stones on the metal side of the place setting, centered between the guide pins.  Make sure the stone lays flat.

Different foods will require different temperatures.  This is the learning curve associated with any new cooking device.

Depending on the food to be served on the stone, most will have to be “Half-cooked” prior to serving on the stone.

By this, we mean that unless you are serving Ahi Tuna, which can be consumed raw, most other proteins need to be grilled, baked or seared to a point where they are partially cooked and will finish cooking on the stone.

For Example:  Sear a steak on one side on a grill, and then remove from the grill and place the un-seared side down on the stone to finish cooking at the table.

Chicken can be placed on the Hot Stone, but it should be cooked to an internal temperature of 165° and placed on a Hot Stone heated to approximately 250°F to keep it hot during the meal and not to overcook.

Seafood should also be “Half-Seared” prior to placing on the Hot Stone.

Practice makes perfect!

Any Questions?  Contact us and we will be happy to answer them.

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